School Programmes

If you're looking for a programme to enrol your students in, why not take up our programmes that teach your students essential financial and business skills? Life skills like these are valuable, and though not part of the school syllabus, they are definitely worth investing in order to develop more holistic, well-rounded students.

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If you're still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why your students should take up these courses.

  1. They don’t know enough. Many young people have little understanding of finance and economics. They are spending and borrowing without knowing the value of money and the importance of saving.

  2. They already need to know budgeting from a young age. The weekly-allowance system is used in many families. Five dollars for the stationery store may not seem so bad, but students stretching $10 a week definitely need more guidance and planning.

  3. There are temptations everywhere. A few minutes on the Internet or chatting with their friends and a child can find more than enough reasons to start pandering their parents for a new toy or gadget. It's important to teach them the difference between wants and needs, and how best to spend their money wisely. 

  4. They don't realise that they only start saving much later. More children are maintaining their blissful and ignorant selves in their life as a student. They do not know how to value things, nor truly appreciate what they have. If they learn the importance of saving and investing in their future, it will encourage them to get started earlier, and to be conscious not to take things for granted.

  5. This knowledge is as important as any other subject. Teaching children how to manage and handle their money is as important as teaching them literacy skills. Though their academics is important, developing every student's life skills is just as important.