Mini Duo scope

Mini Duo scope

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Made with durable, industrial grade plastic, this microscope is as reliable as it is inexpensive. Just like the Duo-Scope with Digital Eyepiece, this scope features light sources both above and below, allowing you to view both biological slides and solid objects. Specially coated lenses provide protection from mold and ensure that you’ll get the best clarity in viewing experience, comparable to professional industrial standards. 40X - 400X magnification!

Package Includes:
- 1 Brine Shrimp Eggs Specimen Vial
- 1 Yeast Specimen Vial
- 3 Empty Specimen Vials
- Graduated Cylinder
- 8 Blank Slides
- Hatchery
- Specimen Slicer
- 3 Prepared Slides
- 8 Slide Labels & 8 Cover Slips
- Plastic Transfer Pipet
- Magnifying Glass
- Plastic Forceps
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Age Group 8 and up